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CRACK Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) V21.0.0 X64




Reset Download CSV // JS // var download_csv = document.getElementById("fetch-btn"); var reset_btn = document.getElementById("reset-btn"); reset_btn.addEventListener("click", function() { download_csv.disabled = false; document.getElementById("fetch-btn").disabled = false; }); A: You should be able to use stopPropagation(). Example: document.querySelector('#fetch-btn').addEventListener('click', function(event) { console.log(; document.querySelector('#reset-btn').addEventListener('click', function(event) { event.stopPropagation(); Fetch The present invention relates generally to the field of subterranean drilling, and in particular to methods and systems for monitoring the downhole conditions of a subterranean well. In drilling wells for oil and gas exploration, it is often desirable to have information about downhole conditions. For example, knowledge of the downhole pressure may assist in determining if a well is likely to fracture and/or if a well is likely to be productive. In this regard, formation pressure, core fluid pressure, fracture pressure, fracture gradient and differential stress, and other downhole conditions may be monitored. Information about downhole conditions may also be desirable during drilling. For example, it may be desirable to monitor formation parameters such as the type of rock, the permeability of the rock, the porosity of the rock, the average particle size, the amount of fluid in the pore space, the type of fluid in the pore space, and/or the viscosity of the fluid so that the drilling operator may evaluate the drilling conditions. In some cases, information about downhole conditions may be collected by wireline logging tools. Wireline logging




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CRACK Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) V21.0.0 X64

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